Interdisciplinary approach

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

OCT in Central Nervous System Diseases (Springer), edited by Andrzej Grzybowski and Piero Barboni, is subtitled The Eye as a Window to the Brain. As such, it “reviews recent important advances in the use of optical coherence tomography in order to analyse neurodegeneration within the retina through the quantification of axonal loss”.

But this is not simply a summary of recent research. The chapters provide a wealth of useful clinical information. For example, Chapter 3 covers the OCT appearance of optic nerve oedema, offering explanations on how to differentiate true oedema from pseudo-subtypes. Later chapters focus on the retinal OCT appearance in patients with neurological disease.

This textbook is intended for those interested in interdisciplinary approaches between ophthalmology and neurology/psychiatry.