A natural and necessary step in my career

Judyta Jankowska-Szmul from Poland, second place MCQs 2019

Dermot McGrath

Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The EBO exam is now recognised as equivalent to the national exam in ophthalmology in Poland, so sitting the exam in Paris was a natural and necessary step in my career to obtain the completion of my specialty training in general ophthalmology and enter the specialist register.

The exam was well organised and the examiners were very friendly and helpful. The MCQ was a well-balanced mixture of questions, covering the most essential topics but also going into a few more detailed issues. The Viva Voce part tested clinical skills and knowledge from a broad spectrum of subspecialties. All the questions were clinically relevant and we were expected to provide quick and accurate answers.

I have had a pleasure to work in an outstanding eye department in a hospital in London for two years. I have just started a new fellowship and I hope to carry on with my further training there.