A solid basis in ophthalmology

Damien Haution from France, overall third place 2019

Dermot McGrath

Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

My main motivation for taking the EBOD, which counts as a national examination in France at the end of residency, was to have a solid basis in ophthalmology before starting my fellowship.

I would definitely recommend other residents to take the examination in the future as it is a perfect way to deepen their knowledge in all the subspecialties of ophthalmology before eventually concentrating on one specific part.

My own practice has changed since I sat the examination. During a patient’s examination, I now pay more attention to certain details than before, and I make diagnoses I would surely have missed without the help of a more experienced practitioner. I am also better able to understand the ophthalmologic vocabulary in medical reviews.

In the future, I plan to take a fellowship in Dr Philippe Gohier’s ophthalmologic unit in the regional university hospital of Angers, France, specialising in medical retina and oculoplastic surgery.