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Fundamentals of Intravitreal Injections edited by Salman Waqar and Jonathan C. Park published by World Scientific

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Friday, February 1, 2019

The intravitreal injection boom shows no signs of abating. Whereas injections were once the task of the ophthalmologist alone, they are currently performed by trainees and nurses as well. This, however, requires proper training and instruction that can be time-consuming and costly. A concise, well-written text could thus be a very useful educational tool.

Intended as “a guide for ophthalmic nurse practitioners and allied health professionals”, the new book, Fundamentals of Intravitreal Injections (World Scientific), describes all that one needs to know about how to safely perform the procedure.

Written by Salman Waqar and Jonathan C. Park, this 90-page text informs the reader about the basic medical and scientific background of intravitreal injections and the technique and complications. For further training, very fundamental instructions are given on how to set up a wetlab and how to organise a dedicated clean room.

Particularly helpful was the section on complications, which covers everything from the relatively frequent subconjunctival haemorrhage to the mercifully rare retinal detachment and endophthalmitis.

This book is ideal for nurses who will participate in the injection clinics as well as for junior ophthalmology trainees who need to be brought up to speed regarding the procedure and management of complications.

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