Artificial Intelligence will assist but not replace ophthalmologists

Priscilla Lynch

Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2020

Béatrice Cochener-Lamard MD

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) looks exciting to assist but not replace ophthalmologists, according to Béatrice Cochener-Lamard MD, France.
Speaking during a dedicated Clinical Research Symposium on AI during the second day of the 38th Congress of the ESCRS, Prof Cochener-Lamard outlined the development of AI in ophthalmology and the role of deep learning to assist in diagnosis, citing its successful use in diabetic retinopathy.
Looking at the latest developments, she said we are now well on the road to automatic image classification and that the use of AI will become a widespread tool in all imaging modalities (2D and 3D and beyond). Thanks to the creation of more refined algorithms the use of ‘big data’ is not always necessary now and there are “multiple additional applications” that are on the way. These include using AI as an integrated part of “screening, diagnosis, decision support and maybe even surgical help”.
“So the future looks very exciting to help ophthalmologists for sure, but never to replace us,” Prof Cochener-Lamard concluded.