Avedro presents novel Boost Epi-On corneal CXL data

Non-invasive corneal CXL procedure does not require removal of the epithelium

Priscilla Lynch

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2019

AVEDRO showcased early data on its novel Boost Epi-On cross-linking (CXL) technology for the treatment of keratoconus during an educational session at the 37th Congress of the ESCRS yesterday.

Presentations highlighted the positive early clinical experiences of several clinicians from different countries who have evaluated Boost Epi-On CXL, a non-invasive corneal CXL procedure that does not require removal of the epithelium.

The latest-generation technology addresses the limitations of prior epi-on procedures through the addition of supplemental oxygen. This drives oxygen diffusion across the epithelium to enhance CXL, better stabilising and strengthening the cornea and ultimately halting or slowing keratoconus progression, yesterday’s educational session heard.

The procedure is thus easier, with less postoperative ocular discomfort and a faster recovery time. It is also safer with less risk of complications and preserves corneal thickness as well as improving visual acuity, speakers said.

Speaking to EuroTimes, Avedro CEO Reza Zadno PhD noted that keratoconus is a disease that particularly impacts young people, “and treating and halting its progression leads to a major quality of life improvement for these patients”.