Refractive Laser Suite

Colin Kerr

Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Colin Vize, Hull University Hospital

Bausch + Lomb has announced its first fully integrated refractive laser eye surgery suite which has been launched at Hull University Hospital, UK. The new Allam Refractive Laser Suite was funded by local businessman and philanthropist Dr Assem Allam.
Bausch + Lomb say the new refractive laser suite is the first of its kind in the country – providing a full range of Bausch + Lomb technology in one place for a range of eye conditions. The suite includes the Victus® Femtosecond Laser, which offers eye surgeons precision and control for cataract and corneal surgical procedures, and the Teneo™ 317 M2 – the fastest laser of its kind1, which enables surgery to be done more quickly, benefiting the patient and the hospital.
Colin Vize, Consultant Eye Surgeon and Medical Director at Hull University Hospital, said: “Up to this point, we have relied on highly-skilled surgeons to perform corneal transplants with steady hands and a keen eye. Current manual dissection techniques literally require a surgeon that can estimate a dissection plane to the level of microns. That’s sometimes even smaller than a grain of sand – all without assistance. With the technology in the new Allam Refractive Laser Suite, these procedures can be performed with greater precision and control. This means that patients can benefit from even more reliable and improved outcomes, so they can enjoy their sight again and embrace life to the full.’’