Benz Team Ride Paris 2019: A day to remember

The ‘Benz team’ cycled 30-50km throughout north French countryside

Colin Kerr

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2019

ON Friday September 13, a day before the 37th Congress of the ESCRS, Benz Research & Development was host to 50 of its clients for their yearly BenzTeamRide. With a beautiful scenery on the grounds of Palais de Chantilly, just north of Paris, the ‘Benz team’ cycled, on road race bikes, between 30 and 50km throughout the rolling terrain of the north French countryside.

“Since its inaugural year in 2012 in Amsterdam, the intraocular manufacturer has been host of the BenzTeamRide just before the start of the ESCRS,” said a Benz spokesperson. “The ride is a fully organised trip with a lunch, bus ride to and from the event, the bike ride itself, followed by cocktail party and a buffet-style dinner that allows its participants to network in the most casual way,” he said.”

For one of the visitors of the ESCR it was also a day to remember. Benz Research & Development gave away an original BenZRD-designed road race bike in a raffle yesterday.

Visit the Benz Research & Development booth to learn more – Pavilion 7, Floor 7.2, Booth #A107