Build a high-performing practice by investing in your staff and patients

Our workshop will show how investing in your team and your patients will make practice workflow smoother and your life easier

Rod Solar

Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Think of your practice as a machine. Wait. Scrap that. We’ve moved from an industrial age to the digital age and machines are only effective in stable environments that don’t require constant adjustment and change.

Today’s business landscape is anything but stable. Customer needs, wants and behaviours are changing at an unprecedented rate. A machine would require far too much maintenance, perhaps even a whole reinstallation to keep up. Instead, let’s think of your practice as an animal.

An animal:
Wants to live. It will grow and reproduce to ensure its survival;
Has rapid reflexes that instinctively kick-in when under threat;
Can analyse and adapt to unpredictable environments;
Trusts their ability and learns from their mistakes.

As the owner of a practice, it can be hard to trust your instincts and the instincts of your team, especially if you’re accustomed to doing everything yourself. However, chances are, if you’re doing everything yourself, then you’re probably not going fast enough.

For a practice to really perform, the team must be empowered, interdependent and self-directed. Rather than working individually on problems, every member should be incentivised to share knowledge and find solutions to daily challenges.

They must also have the same vision and goals – a desire for the practice to survive and proliferate. This is something that must be felt and can rarely be taught.

Finally, they should be incentivised and rewarded when things go right, and open, tolerant and adaptable when things go wrong.

Sharing their expertise on the subject at the 37th Congress of the ESCRS will be Guy Sallet MD, FEBO, Medical Director, Eye Institute Aalst, Belgium, and Pavel Stodulka PhD, FEBOS-CR, chief surgeon and CEO of Gemini Eye Clinics in the Czech Republic and Vienna.

If you have encountered HR-related problems, struggled to find people that share your vision and goals and want to improve patient satisfaction, this workshop is designed for you.

‘Build a high-performing practice by investing in your staff and patients’, will:
Highlight ways to invest your time and effort to achieve that feel-good-feeling for both your team and your patients;
Educate and advise you on the overall experience of the patient journey from the waiting room, through to postoperative care;
Help you reduce waiting times;
Give suggestions on team training, team size, remuneration and bonus programmes.

Overall, this workshop will demonstrate how investing in your team and your patients will make the practice workflow smoother and your life easier. Patients will feel satisfied, which in turn instils confidence and assurance in your organisation and the service offering.

The ESCRS Practice Management and Development Programme will take place on Monday 16 September from 08.00 – 18.00