Cornea in the spotlight at ESCRS Winter Meeting

Surgical cornea has now become one of the fastest moving fields in ophthalmology

Dermot McGrath

Posted: Saturday, February 20, 2021

José Güell MD
A wealth of valuable information and practical tips in managing a wide range of corneal conditions and complex surgical scenarios will be among the highlights of a diverse Cornea Cases session organised in conjunction with EuCornea as part of the 25th ESCRS Winter Meeting Virtual 2021.

“It promises to be an excellent session with a lot of very interesting and high-quality clinical cases,” remarked José Güell MD, who will moderate the Cornea Surgery segment along with Massimo Busin MD. “These case reports always contain objective and subjective data from usual and unusual clinical situations. Together with the after-case discussion, which users find to be extremely fruitful, I think the audience comes away with a lot of useful tips and information from a session like this,” he added.

Divided into two main segments for medical and surgical cornea, with the medical cornea section chaired by Roberto Bellucci MD and Rudy MMA Nuijts MD, the 16 cases under review include pre-recorded self-narration by the authors followed by discussion with the chairpersons to focus on particularly interesting aspects of the clinical cases presented.

As Dr Güell noted, the cases present an interesting snapshot of some of the key developments in the field of cornea in recent years, focusing on four main themes: management of corneal complications after refractive surgery, keratoconus management, ocular surface disease: what worked and what did not, and infectious keratitis.

“Sessions such as these can play a fundamental role because there is a great need for education to accompany the developments in recent years. There is a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn as much as possible about new techniques, outcomes and concepts,” he said.

Although traditional cornea was perhaps not considered the most dynamic field, that perception has changed radically in recent years with an explosion of new techniques in lamellar corneal transplantation.

This development has sparked a lot of interest in cornea and new techniques. The result is that surgical cornea has now become one of the fastest moving fields in ophthalmology.

“The key is to select cases that we believe offer the best content, from both a practical and educational point of view, for the audience. Furthermore, the structure of the session allows the audience to participate actively and perhaps encourage some others to submit a case in the future,” said Dr Güell.

Cornea Cases, organised in conjunction with EuCornea, Saturday 20 February 08.30 – 10.30

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