Delving deeper into refractive surgery

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Sunday, September 1, 2019

Refractive surgery is, for the most part, spectacularly successful and proceeds complication-free. However, when problems occur, the ophthalmologist can find him- or herself – in the uncomfortable situation of having caused a problem in a previously healthy eye undergoing purely elective surgery.

Management of Complications in Refractive Surgery: Second Edition (Springer), edited by Jorge Alió and Dimitri Azar, is a 400-page textbook that covers everything from button-hole flaps to melting. It includes a great amount of magnified slit-lamp photography, showing problems such as flap micro- and macrostriae, as well as corneal topography demonstrating ectasia and other undesirable outcomes.

Any ophthalmologist considering adding refractive surgery to the practice’s offerings, or seeking to delve deeper into the subspecialty, might consider this text.

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