Denoising software

B-Scan Denoising Software

Colin Kerr

Posted: Monday, February 1, 2021

NIDEK has announced the launch of the B-scan Denoising Software for the NIDEK OCT series.
“This software converts a B-scan retinal OCT image to a high-definition image by a denoising technique using deep learning,” said a NIDEK spokesperson. “A large data set of images that are each averaged from 120 images are used as teaching data for deep learning to create clear retinal images comparable to images generated by averaging 120 images,” he said. “Different from image averaging, which is an ordinal technique to create clear B-scan images, this unique denoising technique does not require capturing multi-frame images to remove speckle noise. This feature provides better patient flow and increased patient comfort. Providing exquisite image quality, this software is particularly useful when capturing multiple B-scans for wide area screening,” said the spokesperson.