A concise, focused instructional guide

A concise, focused instructional guide

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019

Emergency, Acute And Rapid Access Ophthalmology

Emergency, Acute And Rapid-Access Ophthalmology: Practical, Clinical & Managerial Aspects (Springer) is a shorter, 130-page text dedicated to providing an even more concise, focused instructional guide than Ocular Emergency.
Edited by Josephine Duvall-Young, it is also organised differently from the previous book. There are two parts: “Clinical Aspects” and “Leading an Emergency & Rapid-Access Service”.
Part I, which comprises the bulk of the text, is purely medical and assumes sufficient knowledge to make a diagnosis. As such, it is organised by diagnosis. Work-up and treatment per clinical condition are described. The diagnoses are very specific: examples include central retinal artery occlusion, Bell’s palsy, choroidal hemangioma and paediatric nystagmus.
Part II is a shorter section on how to establish and manage an ophthalmic ER or rapid-access service.
This takes into account the organisation of the workforce, patient triage, equipment needed and the development of protocols and standard operating procedures.
This book is intended for trainee ophthalmologists, who will appreciate the medically focused Part I. Part II is ideal for the physician responsible for managing the flow of patients with acute pathology. Eye hospital administrators would also benefit from reading Part II, as it gives them insight into what we as ophthalmologists are confronted with on a daily basis.