Honoured colleagues

Dr Richard Packard welcomed as an Honoured Guest of ASCRS and Dr Oliver Findl delivered the prestigious Binkhorst Lecture

Howard Larkin

Posted: Friday, June 1, 2018

Oliver Findl and Richard Packard at the ASCRS opening session. Dr Packard was welcomed as an Honoured Guest of ASCRS and Dr Findl delivered the prestigious Binkhorst Lecture.

Incoming ASCRS President Thomas W Samuelson MD welcomed Richard B Packard MD, DO, FRCS, FRCOphth, of London, UK, as one of two Honoured Guests at the opening session of the 2018 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, USA.

A long-serving member of the ESCRS, Dr Packard has lectured in 60 countries, was a pioneer of phacoemulsification and a leader in the move to microincision cataract surgery. He continues to design and refine innovative surgical instruments, phaco tools and other devices.

Also honoured was ESCRS Secretary Oliver Findl MD, who delivered the prestigious Binkhorst Lecture. In a wide-ranging address on the challenge of choosing the right IOL power, Dr Findl noted that optical biometry, modern formulae and optimised IOL constants, and precise measurements of anterior and posterior corneal curvature by two or more devices have greatly improved IOL selection accuracy. Future developments such as intraoperative measurements to refine IOL selection and adjusting lens power after surgery may further improve outcomes, he added.

Outgoing ASCRS president Bonnie An Henderson MD reviewed ASCRS’s accomplishments during her 12 months in office. Dr Henderson also highlighted ASCRS’ role in shaping government regulations to ensure patient access to eye care. “Our organisation continues to be the most vocal advocate for anterior segment surgeons when it is the most important, period,” she said.

Incoming president Thomas W Samuelson MD promised to continue Dr Henderson’s initiatives, and pledged to redouble ASCRS’ commitment to broadening anterior segment surgeons’ skills.

Dr Samuelson also renewed ASCRS’ commitment to ending avoidable blindness everywhere through support for ophthalmic education, residency programme development and surgery missions. Most of all he was humbled by the opportunity to serve the profession and patients. “I am incredibly honoured to become the 33rd president of ASCRS,” he said.

Another highlight of the Congress was the 2018 ASCRS Cataract Surgery Olympics, which pitted surgeons from all around the world against each other. Team ESCRS got on the winning podium after team captain Béatrice Cochener MD, PhD raced to victory in the Cataract Pentathlon event.