Eureka moments

Soosan Jacob

Posted: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Every year before I attend the ESCRS Congress, I have a long list of ‘things-to-be-done’ – presentations, planning, packing etc- all to be somehow squeezed into my already packed daily routine.
Before I depart, numerous questions flash through my mind, Will the trip be smooth? Will my talks stick to time? Will everything go as planned?
Having in the past experienced the unpleasantness of delayed luggage and other travel glitches, I have over time, become a more seasoned traveller and this time also a Google Trips enabled ‘smart’ traveller. Despite the long and tiring trip from India, I can now look forward to enjoying the 36th ESCRS Congress in Vienna.
There really is so much to look forward to! The ever burgeoning number of delegates and the high quality of presentations has made ESCRS a premier Ophthalmic meeting with a truly international flavour. It’s a treat to see so many bright minds at one place, to make new friends, meet old ones and to learn new things.
I look forward to the Ridley Medal Lecture by Rudy Nuijts and all the Symposia, especially the ones on corneal crosslinking; surgical correction of presbyopia and the ISRS symposium. Last year, I had left the Practice Management Masterclass with my head full of plans on what to do and how to do it. This year too, I look forward to attending it as well presenting on risks and benefits of social media.
Every year, the Video Awards session inspires me and makes me proud when I see the skill, knowledge and ingenuity of my colleagues and peers on display and I can’t wait for it this year too! The presentation of the 2018 John Henahan prize, which I had the fortune of winning in the past, is something else I eagerly await.
My own presentations are of course key to me and I would be presenting among others, my modified technique of pre-Descemetic DALK as primary treatment for acute corneal hydrops to avoid scarring and provide early one-staged visual and anatomical rehabilitation; air pump assisted pre-Descemet’s endothelial keratoplasty for making surgery easier and more successful and also on my new Paperclip capsule stabilizer for subluxated cataracts and IOLs.
Some of my eureka moments have happened after the ESCRS meetings when a lot of quality information together with a relaxed atmosphere allows me to spend some quiet time in my “mind palace” analysing just as the newer BBC television version of the legendary British detective Sherlock Holmes does.
Finally Vienna itself – a beautiful city with so much to do. On my last visit here for ESCRS 2011, I took time out to visit a few tourist spots as well as to hear the angelic voices of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. This time, with Google Trips having decided to coordinate everything for me, things are definitely planned better with suggestions to see much more. I also hope to catch Dan Reinstein’s Charity Jazz concert and the Light for the World Night Run!

Dr. Soosan Jacob is Director and Chief of Dr. Agarwal’s Refractive and Cornea Foundation at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai, India and can be reached at