EURETINA Congress largest retina meeting

More than 6,800 gather in Paris for 19th EURETINA Congress

Colin Kerr

Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019

EURETINA President Sebastian Wolf addressing delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the 19th EURETINA Congress

Sebastian Wolf, president of EURETINA, told delegates attending the 19th EURETINA Congress in Paris that EURETINA today holds the title of largest retina meeting in the world.

“The success of the annual Congress has been remarkable; EURETINA today holds the title of largest retina meeting in the world. And with more than 6,800 in attendance in Paris, including more than 5,600 delegates and more than 1,200 industry representatives, I am delighted to announce that this 19th Congress is also the largest in the history of the Society,” said Prof Wolf.

Prof Wolf said the significance of EURETINA runs far beyond the success of its annual meetings.

“This year we organised, with the help of the Czech Society, a successful educational Winter Meeting in Prague, while next March we look forward to bringing the Winter Meeting to Vilnius, Lithuania,” he said.

Prof Wolf said education has always been high on the agenda for the society, both in its meeting and online endeavours. “This year the society took a major step by investing heavily in research and opening two funding calls in the field of research.”

The introduction of the EURETINA Retinal Medicine Clinical Research Funding Call provides grant opportunities to EURETINA members of up to €300,000, said Prof Wolf (see page 4).

Additionally, EURETINA teamed up with Fight for Sight to establish a call for funding of up to €2 million for clinical research projects, to address the best treatment option for sub-macular haemorrhage caused by AMD, a major unanswered question in retina.

“Once again, an external team of expert judges was established to review applications, from which a clear winner was identified. The next challenge, given that this lead application is based in the UK, has been to navigate the potential complications of funding a clinical research trial in the context of Brexit. However, we are hopeful that we will manage and I am delighted to announce the winning applicant as Professor Timothy Jackson, of King’s College London (KCL).”

Prof Wolf concluded his speech saying that the Congress was a culmination of the efforts of each chairperson, speaker and delegate, who has travelled to be here today.

“On behalf of the Board I extend my sincere thanks to each of you and wish you an enjoyable congress and most pleasant stay here in Paris,” he said.