FDA approval for preloaded capsular tension ring

OPHTEC USA has received FDA approval for its RingJect design changes

Colin Kerr

Posted: Saturday, June 1, 2019

OPHTEC USA has received FDA approval for the RingJect™ delivery system design optimisation changes.
The OPHTEC CTR is made of PMMA with patented compression moulding technology, making for
a durable, flexible device to stabilise the capsular bag in the presence of weakened or compromised zonules.

Abraham Farhan, Vice President and General Manager of OPHTEC USA, said: “We are grateful that the FDA has approved the Ophtec RingJect with optimised delivery system enhancements. Our surgeons and patients will continue to benefit from our legacy Capsular Tension Ring (CTR).

“We are very excited about the RingJect, as it saves time in surgery and reduces surgical preparation time.”