FDA Clearance of CATALYS cOS 6.0 Software

Colin Kerr

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Douglas Koch MD

Johnson & Johnson Vision has announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance of a new software for the CATALYS Precision Laser System.
“The new CATALYS cOS 6.0 software with advanced astigmatism management is a collaboration with Cassini Technologies B.V,” said a Johnson & Johnson Vision spokeswoman. “The new software simplifies astigmatism management workflow and increases operational efficiency. Latest advancements build on the laser cataract surgery essentials that differentiate the CATALYS System, with features such as advanced visualisation that provide full-volume, 3D, high-resolution and streaming Optical Coherence Tomography imaging as well as reliable, accurate laser incisions and premium patient experience,” she said.
“Accuracy and precision in astigmatic procedures are critical to good outcomes,” said Douglas Koch MD. “CATALYS cOS 6.0 with advanced astigmatism management not only provides more accurate surgical alignment and automatic cyclorotation compensation that is three times better than manual markings, the workflow will make the entire process easier and faster for me.”
“Building on the launch and rollout of our TECNIS Toric II platform, the introduction of our new CATALYS cOS 6.0 software will be a powerful addition to our portfolio of astigmatism management solutions,” said Rajesh K. Rajpal MD, Chief Medical Officer and Global Head of Clinical and Medical Affairs at Johnson & Johnson Vision.