Following in great footsteps


Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Andreas Bosshard(left), co-owner and former managing director of Oertli Instrumente AG, has handed over the chairmanship of the board to Andreas Schmidheini.
Mr Bosshard joined Oertli Instrumente AG and took over as managing director in 1989.
Heinz A. Oertli, the founder of the company, had hired Mr Bosshard, who had experience as a development, sales and marketing manager, with the intention of finding a successor. In 1992, the change of ownership took place with 30 employees at that time.
“For more than 20 years, Mr Bosshard managed the small and medium-sized company and led it from a local manufacture to an international success story in ophthalmic surgery. Under his leadership, Oertli launched five surgical platforms on to the market, developed two new surgical techniques for glaucoma and cataract surgery and successfully introduced several inventions that still shape the world of ophthalmology today”, said a company spokeswoman.
In 2010, Mr Bosshard handed over the operational management to his two sons and concentrated on his function as Chairman of the Board. Christoph Bosshard is CEO of Oertli and Thomas Bosshard is Head of Marketing & Sales.
Andreas Schmidheini, who has been on the Board of Directors of Oertli Instrumente AG since 2010, said he was impressed, by the life’s work of his predecessor: “I am aware that I am following in great footsteps, he said.”