Happy New Year To All Ophthalmologists

There are lots  of New Year’s dates to choose from. March is among the most popular

Maryalicia Post

Posted: Sunday, December 31, 2017

What are you doing New Year’s Eve,  a song written in 1947, is still being recorded.  It sums up one of the major angsts of every young person, including young eye doctors, to have someone to kiss at the turning of the year.

The good news for those who don’t automatically have a partner sorted, is that there’s no rush.. Just choose to celebrate new year’s in your own time.. Wikipedia has a list of New Year dates as celebrated somewhere on the globe with a selection for almost every month.

Admittedly,  1st January is the most common.. but only since the 1500s and for those who follow the Gregorian calendar. For others, there are lots  of New Year’s dates to choose from. March is among the most popular and that’s when the Babylonian’s celebrated with eleven days of festivities..

It’s the Babylonians we have to thank for the custom of making resolutions, too.  They resolved to pay their debts and return borrowed farm equipment as part of their  New Year’s schedule.  Returning farm equipment has slipped down on the ‘most popular resolution’ chart; currently the most popular -at least in the western world, – is ‘lose weight’.  Not surprisingly ‘It is also the most commonly broken, which may account for the ‘obesity’ problem currently plaguing so many countries.  The next most popular resolution is to exercise more.

A friend of mine wears a ‘fitbit’ to help her do that.. This is one of those ‘blind’ looking watches that come to life when you touch them.  And then – but you probably already know all this – it tells you your heart rate, how long you slept (and how long you tossed and turned),  how many calories you’ve consumed, how many stairs you’ve climbed, how many steps you’ve taken.

I have heard that people have been known to walk in circles at the end of the day to get up to the ‘goal’ of 10,000 steps. I’ve also read that playing the maracas can fool the device into thinking you were actually walking while only shaking your arms.

Whenever you choose to start the clock in your own time, I hope you have a very happy New Year, wherever you are…