Improving intermediate vision

New Mono-EDOF lens provides intermediate vision without sacrifice of distance vision

Roibeard O’hEineachain

Posted: Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek MD, PhD

The new Tecnis® Eyhance (Johnson & Johnson) refractive aspheric monofocal extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL appears to provide very good distance vision and slightly improved intermediate distances vision compared to a standard aspheric monofocal IOL, reports Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek MD, PhD, University Clinical Centre Katowice, Poland.

In a pilotage study involving 10 patients who underwent implantation of the new Eyhance IOL, uncorrected distance visual acuity (UCDVA) and uncorrected intermediate visual acuity (UCIVA) was significantly better postoperatively (p<0.05) than it was preoperatively. Patients also reported significant improvement in the performance of daily activities connected to vision, she told the 24th Winter Meeting of the ESCRS in Marrakech, Morocco. Prof Mrukwa-Kominek and her associates performed the cataract procedures with standard ultrasound phacoemulsification. They measured the preoperative and postoperative refractive error using the maximum plus technique. They calculated the power of implanted lenses for emmetropia using the Barret TK Universal II formula. These ranged from 19.0D to 25.5D (mean 21.3D). One month after the procedure, both the mean uncorrected distance visual acuity (UCDVA) and the mean uncorrected intermediate visual acuity (UCIVA) were significantly better than they were preoperatively (p<0.05). Postoperatively the mean UCDVA was Snellen 0.9, compared to 0.2 preoperatively, and the mean UCIVA, using the Jaeger standard at 66cm J10 preoperatively and J6 postoperatively. In addition, the average refractive error improved from -1.50D to -0.25D. No adverse effects or decentration of the IOL were observed, Prof Mrukwa-Kominek said. The patients’ responses to the Catquest-9SF questionnaire showed significant improvement of performance of daily activities after implantation of the Tecnis Eyhance lens. Prior to the procedure, seven patients said they were very dissatisfied or fairly dissatisfied with their vision. One month postoperatively, nine patients said they were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with their vision, Prof Mrukwa-Kominek said. The new Tecnis one-piece IOL (ZCB00) has the same base geometry as all other Tecnis one-piece lenses but has a continuous aspheric surface. The dioptric power of the lens changes from the periphery to the centre, without diffractive rings or refractive zones, in a manner designed to provide better intermediate distance vision compared to a monofocal aspherical lens. In addition, the lens material provides simultaneous correction of chromatic aberration. “It seems that the innovative Tecnis Eyhance intraocular monofocal lenses with ‘extended depth of focus’ provide very good distant vision and slightly improved vision at intermediate distances. Implantation of Tecnis Eyhance IOLS can be considered in all patients who have opted for a monofocal lens implant,” Prof Mrukwa-Kominek concluded.

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