Effective lens position

Combining measurements may help improve accuracy

Roibeard O’hEineachain

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2019

Nino Hirnschall MD

Intraoperative anterior chamber depth (iACD) are better than preoperative ACD measurements for predicting the effective lens position in eyes undergoing cataract surgery and combining the two measurements can improve the predictive accuracy still further, Nino Hirnschall MD told the 23rd ESCRS Winter Meeting.

Dr Hirnschall, Hanusch Hospital, Vienna, Austria, presented a prospective study involving 203 eyes of 203 cataract patients who received either a plate haptic IOL or an open loop haptic IOL. All eyes under went optical biometry preoperatively with an IOLMaster 700 (CZM) and  intraoperatively with a prototype consisting of a Visante OCT device connected to a OPMI Lumera 300, surgical microscope.

Two months after surgery all eyes underwent optical biometry and subjective refraction and autorefraction to generate a partial least square regression model for the anterior chamber depth. It showed that  the predictive power of the iACD (0.48) was highest, followed by axial eye length (0.45), followed by preoperatively measured ACD (0.30). Regression models combining preoperative and iACD resulted in a further significant improvement.