Italian ophthalmologists must show courage

Italian ophthalmologists say the situation in their country is a disaster but they must show courage. Colin Kerr and Sean Henahan report

Colin Kerr

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2020

Dr Roberto Bellucci

Distinguished Italian ophthalmologist and former ESCRS President Dr Roberto Bellucci says in the north of Italy, where he practices, ophthalmology is closed.

“All the people are staying at home and there is little sign that the infection will subside.

“The problem is particularly bad for patients with macular degeneration who cannot receive their monthly injections,” said Dr Belucci.

“My message to my colleagues in ophthalmology is that everyone of us will have to decide what type of care should be carried out and we should find the courage to do surgery for patients with retinal detachment, trauma and other emergencies,” he said.