Laser pulses

Colin Kerr

Posted: Saturday, September 1, 2018

OD-OS has announced that it has achieved the revocation of the MicroPulse™ Patent (Patent no EP1856774) by Iridex Cooperation in oral proceedings at the European Patent office.
Winfried Teiwes, Managing Director, OD-OS GmbH said: “We fully respect the effort Iridex Cooperation has put into the clinical development how tissue-sparing, shorter laser pulses can be effective for retinal treatments. With Navilas®, we are providing a contact-free, easy-to-use and transparent delivery technique of these laser pulses, which allows standardised treatment protocols. We will work with Navilas® users to make microsecond pulse treatment a non-contact, non-damaging but long-lasting treatment in clinical practice, and a viable addition to often chronical injections.”