Colin Kerr

Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Diopsys introduced the concept of Light Induced Visual-Response (LIV) to delegates at the 36th Congress of the ESCRS.

Earlier this year, Diopsys reframed the kind of testing performed on its medical devices. A company spokesman said the decision was an acknowledgement that visual electrophysiology testing has a perception within the eye-care community that does not reflect the modern protocols and platforms Diopsys provides. By using patented skin sensors Diopsys LIV testing is patient friendly and because of the small physical footprint of their devices, testing is readily accessible to clinicians.

“When we heard from physicians that traditional electrophysiology testing might be too complicated and might not be relevant to everyday practice, we sensed a need to clarify what Diopsys platforms add to routine eye care. In talking about LIV, we are calling it exactly what it is: a measure of electrical response within the cells along the visual pathway to a light-based stimulus,” said Bill Shields, Vice President, International Sales, Diopsys.