Newly patented technology

Colin Kerr

Posted: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Rotaryjet Preloaded Injector

VSY Biotechnology’s invention, the Rotaryjet Preloaded Injector containing an accessory system for the storage and injection of an intraocular lens, has been registered by the European Patent Institute (EPI).

This newly patented technology minimises the use of viscoelastic material in intraocular lens implantation and provides ultimate ease of use.

“The features of the Rotaryjet enable ophthalmologists to perform cataract surgeries quickly and safely. Rotaryjet offers ease of use with its specially designed lens-folding system. In this manner, cataract surgeries can be performed without having to place the lens into the injector.

“The aim is to reduce the human-induced error ratio during the lens’s preparation before the surgery and to reduce the duration of the surgery by facilitating the procedure,” said a VSY spokesperson.