Pre- and post-surgery eye drops

Colin Kerr

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019

Aeon Protect Plus

Rayner has launched AEON, which the company describes as the first family of pre- and post-surgery eye drops, to help patients manage their condition and improve their visual outcomes.
Rayner say AEON Protect Plus has a unique cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (HA) formulation to provide an artificial tear for relief of moderate-to-severe dry eye.

Aeon Repair

AEON REPAIR is purposely designed for use in the weeks after surgery and combines sodium HA with vitamins A and E to lubricate, soothe and aid the repair of the surface of eyes.
Both AEON REPAIR and AEON PROTECT PLUS are stored in multi-dose dropper devices, which allow the solutions to stay sterile, without the need of preservatives, say the company.
Tim Clover, CEO of Rayner, said: “As recent research shows, almost two-thirds of patients suffer from dry eye disease prior to cataract surgery and this can significantly hinder recovery and long-term visual results.