Marketing during a pandemic

Colin Kerr

Posted: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kris Morrill

Kris Morrill is a keynote speaker at the ESCRS Practice Management and Development Committee webinar on Sunday January 17 2021 at 11 am CET. The free webinar will offer ophthalmologists and practice staff advice on how to rebuild their practices in a challenging environment. Kris will give a presentation on Marketing Your Practice In A Challenging Environment
“One year later, COVID-19 continues to dictate much of how we live our lives,” she said. “From the first lockdowns in Spring 2020, when elective patient care was put on hold to a more pragmatic approach during subsequent waves, ophthalmology practices have had to learn to adapt.
This talk will look at best practices of marketing during a pandemic, as well as ethical considerations. We will also offer ideas for creating a practice environment that makes patients feel safe, without losing the human touch that is so important, particularly when patients are paying for procedures out of their own pocket.”
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