Software update

Colin Kerr

Posted: Sunday, September 1, 2019

OD-OS has released a new software update for its Navilas 577s. “With a new, multimodal export wizard, retina specialists can flexibly generate high-resolution images of their treatments in different configurations,” said a company spokeswoman.
The Navilas 577s Laser System enables physicians to digitally pre-plan the entire laser therapy on fundus images as well as on third-party diagnostic images, and to precisely execute this therapy plan with the help of computerised image guidance.Dr Winfried Teiwes, Managing Director at OD-OS said: “The Navilas 577s system was also designed with teaching the next generation of laser surgeons in mind. Thanks to the digital pre-planning functionality, supervisors can review laser plans of their residents prior to treatment and monitor treatments on
a computer screen in real-time.”