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Supplement: Optimizing Presbyopia Correction and Astigmatism Management with Modern Lens Technologies

According to the 2020 ESCRS Clinical Trends Survey, since 2016, there has been a 6% increase in implantation of toric intraoc-ular lenses (IOLs) during cataract surgery, whereas implantation of presbyopia-correcting IOLs has re-mained stable during that time period (Figure 1).The survey also indicated that there is increased interest in extended depth of focus IOLs, at the ex-pense of trifocal and bifocal IOLs (Figure 2).When respondents were asked about their most current procedure to manage astigmatism in a pa-tient receiving monofocal IOLs during cataract sur-gery, 80.8% used a toric IOL in patients with 2.50 D of astigmatism; in patients with 1.75 D of astigma-tism, 66% used a toric IOL; and in patients with 1.25 D of astigmatism 46% used a toric IOL, which is ba-sically the threshold.

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