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Retina: Medical & Surgical Management edited by Atul Kumar and Raghav Ravani published by Jaypee

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Friday, December 7, 2018

Retina: Medical & Surgical Management (Jaypee) takes on an ambitious task. Most retina books cover either medical or surgical, but this does both at once.

As ophthalmology has become highly imaging-based, textbooks have had to play catch-up. Books from just a few years ago have become nearly irrelevant due to their reliance on outdated imaging like previous-generation OCTs. This textbook avoids this by utilising the latest not only in OCT but also OCT angiography, wide-field photography and intraoperative OCT.

This text is intended for vitreoretinal specialists and fellows, as well as general ophthalmologists who treat retinal disorders themselves.

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