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Théa Supplement: Intracameral Mydriasis: The New Standard Route for Cataract Surgery

Beatrice Cochener MD, Professor and Chairperson of Brest University Hospital in France, chaired the Laboratoires Théa Satellite Symposium “Intracameral mydriasis: the new standard route for cataract surgery” held on 6 September at the XXXIII Congress of the ESCRS in Barcelona, Spain. “Keeping the pupil dilated during cataract and other lens replacement procedures is critical. Intraoperative miosis, which occurs more frequently in the new femtocataract procedure, increases the difficulty of these procedures and makes complications more likely,” said Prof Cochener. While appropriate mydriasis is usually achieved by the administration of topical eye drops, their use has clear drawbacks in terms of the time needed to dilate the pupil and the risk of systemic side effects, she added.


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