We look back on the most popular stories of the year

Aidan Hanratty

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close here is a look back at the 10 most popular stories from the EuroTimes website this year.

Thanks to all of the ophthalmologists who contributed to these great stories and to the EuroTimes editors, designers, writers and web managers who put so much work into our website and magazine.

We’re really looking forward to 2019 when we look forward once again to offering our readers a unique outlook on the world of ophthalmology.

Eye rubbing the critical factor in keratoconus

Chronic and vigorous eye rubbing is the main and necessary causative factor of keratoconus rather than just another risk factor among others in the evolution of the condition.

Apps and ophthalmology

We look at the impact smartphones and apps have had on the world of ophthalmology.

New intraocular lenses

Surgeons can choose from an ever-increasing array of monofocal, multifocal and accommodative IOL options to meet their patients’ needs.

Cell therapy shows exciting potential for keratoconus

Corneal stromal enhancement based on cell therapy seems to be safe and effective and may prove to a potentially exciting new therapy for the treatment of keratoconus and other corneal dystrophies.

The FEBOS-CR exam – A personal view

FEBOS-CR is not an exam you have to take. It’s an exam you must want to take.

Myopic LASIK or SMILE?

SMILE patients may be happier than LASIK patients, primarily because of less postoperative dry eye problems, a prospective, nonrandomised study provide suggests.

Managing Astigmatism

While toric IOL implantation has become a standard of care for correcting regular astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery, the refractive results following their implantation can be unpredictable.

SMILE complications

SMILE has a rate of complications similar to that of LASIK, and when complications occur they are generally resolved with a good visual outcome for the patient.

Calculating positions

The Emmetropia Verifying Optical (EVO) formula, a new intraocular lens formula, compares favourably to more conventional formulas now in use.

Sildenafil and AMD

Sildenafil, better known as the active ingredient in Viagra, appears to offer a safe and simple method for treating age-related and vitelliform macular degeneration and central serous retinopathy.