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Strabismus for Every Ophthalmologist, edited by Siddharth Agrawal. Published by Springer

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Strabismus for Every Ophthalmologist: the title really says it all. Springer’s new text, edited by Siddharth Agrawal, is not intended for the subspecialist but rather “encourages ophthalmologists who do not usually deal with strabismus patients to identify and manage uncomplicated cases”.

So, how does the text manage to do this with what is generally considered a confusing subject? It starts out with a 20-page chapter on the basics of understanding strabismus, followed by another chapter covering the clinical evaluation of strabismus. In the following chapters, specific types of strabismus, such as comitant horizontal, incomitant strabismus and special variants are covered.

It also does so by discussing various management options that are often neglected, such as the guidelines for refraction and spectacle prescription in this patient population.

But the goal of the book is to allow non-subspecialists to take the next step, to actually manage the patients including surgery of horizontal muscle surgery, botulinum toxin and how to manage complications.

As the title suggests, this book could be read and understood by every ophthalmologist. I believe it is of particular use to general ophthalmologists without easy access to dedicated strabismus specialists for referrals, who can instead manage the basics themselves.

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