Unique communication

Colin Kerr

Posted: Friday, February 1, 2019

One of the companies showcasing its products at the 23rd ESCRS Winter Meeting in Athens, Greece, is Kite Hellas.

“Kite Hellas is a modern family business, which constantly introduces innovative and high-quality products, while communicating in a quite astonishing way,” said a company spokesman.

“The unique approach, offering revolutionary therapeutic approaches while having surprisingly innovative marketing strategies, has really drawn the attention,” he said.

“Many of the ideas and approaches that Kite Hellas introduces are supported by some of the world’s greatest ophthalmologists, such as Profs IG Pallikaris and AJ Kanellopoulos, who together described the new generation of multivitamin artificial tears during the Panhellenic OMMA Congress in Athens in 2017.”

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