Useful tips for VR surgeons in training

Leigh Spielberg

Posted: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Pocket Guide to Vitreoretinal Surgery (Slack), edited by Jason
N. Crosson, is a quick-read manual on retinal surgery that introduces the reader to the basic concepts of VR surgery.
Starting with “Setting Up for Vitrectomy: How to Get Started”, the book then progresses from basic vitrectomy techniques to approaches to retinal detachments, peeling and other day-to-day surgical procedures.
At 155 small pages, it is indeed a guide rather than a textbook. As an early-career vitreoretinal surgeon myself, I picked up some useful tips that I plan to incorporate into my surgical practice.
This book seems most appropriate for ophthalmology residents who are preparing for their vitreoretinal surgery rotation or deciding whether VR surgery is for them, as well as for starting VR fellows.