Vital to screen for OSD before surgery

Dermot McGrath

Posted: Friday, October 9, 2020

José Güell MD, PhD

The importance of performing a thorough preoperative examination followed by rapid and targeted intervention in ocular surface disease (OSD) were highlighted in a special ESCRS/EuCornea Education Forum held during the 38th Congress of the ESCRS.

“OSDs have the potential to negatively affect the outcome of cataract and refractive surgical procedures, so it is critically important for these diseases to be diagnosed and treated preoperatively,” Jesper Hjortdal MD, PhD, said in his opening remarks.

In an overview of the key findings from the 2019 ESCRS Clinical Trends Survey, Béatrice Cochener-Lamard MD, PhD, said that 93.5% of respondents agreed that mild to moderate dry eye significantly impacts on patient satisfaction in postoperative cataract and refractive patients.

“Most of the respondents said that they see between 11 and 50 dry eye patients every month but that the treatment for moderate OSD remains limited. Artificial tears and warm compresses are the most common treatment for mild-to-moderate cases, while cyclosporine and topical steroids are the most popular options for severe dry eye,” she said.

José Güell MD, PhD, used several case studies to highlight the negative impact of OSD on surgical outcomes and discussed strategies that surgeons can use to screen and treat OSD prior to surgery. “We need to be aware that classic symptoms of dry eye are not always present and many patients have no prior dry eye diagnosis,” he said.

His presentation was followed by Prof Cochener-Lamard who offered tips on integrating efficient and effective screening for dry eye into the preoperative cataract examination. Dr Hjortdal rounded off the symposium with a talk on identifying and meeting ocular surface treatment goals before surgery.

“Screening and Management of Ocular Surface Disease in the Surgical Patient” is an ESCRS/EuCornea symposium supported by an independent educational grant from Alcon (Bronze) and Novartis (Silver).